RESEARCH: The State of Employee Experience 2023-2024

FOUNT is pleased to sponsor the 5th Annual State of EX 2023-2024 research alongside TI People and The EXchange. You may fill out the form below to download a free copy of this exclusive research and overcome common challenges to successfully manage EX and reduce work friction at your organization.

    Key Findings from The State of EX 2023-2024

    The State of EX 2023-2024 report offers crucial insights into shaping frictionless work environments. For organizations leveraging FOUNT’s SaaS product to enhance workplace efficiency, the research unveils top priorities aligned with our mission. Redesigning experiences, obtaining broader organizational buy-in, developing EX roadmaps, and acquiring meaningful data are key focal points.

    Top priorities

    1. Redesigning experiences
    2. Getting broader buy-in for EX work across the organization
    3. Building an EX roadmap for the organization
    4. Getting more / better data

    Top challenges

    1. Taking as much action to improve experiences as employees expect
    2. Coordinating everyone involved in EX work across the organization
    3. Measuring an EX improvement’s business/financial impact
    4. Scaling EX improvements

    Other key findings

    • A clear majority of respondents (63%) said their organization’s senior leaders view EX as equal to or even more important than other corporate priorities, and almost exactly as many (64%) said the portion of their organizations that currently prioritize EX treat that mission as a permanent change in how they operate.
    • EX teams are increasingly taking root: just over 50% of EX teams have a mandate solely to improve EX and a budget of their own, and the median number of FTEs on EX teams in 2023 is 5 (up 2 from last year).
    • EX and HR are distinctly different, but still conflated: in total, fewer than 10% of responding organizations have an EX-specific strategy
    • The people believed to most influence EX bear little responsibility for it: respondents identified the #1 EX influencer as employees’ managers, but only 29% of respondents say accountability for the quality of EX sits primarily with senior leaders/ employees’ managers.
    • Respondents identify “measuring an EX improvement’s business/ financial impact” as a continued challenge – it is their #1 measurement challenge.
    • EX teams face barriers to implementing best practices in experience design: only 31% of respondents say their experience redesigns are co-created with employees.


    The State of EX 2023-2024 is the only longitudinal and enterprise-wide global research on Employee Experience. A total of 165 global respondents of various organization sizes and industries participated. They included: EX leaders and team members; C-suite, corporate function, and business leaders; HR business partners and managers from HR. The State of EX 2023-2024 survey was fielded from July 24 to September 29, 2023, and released in January 2024.

    To learn more about the topic of work friction, read our white paper and recent research that exposes a massive gap between employee and employer expectations about what it takes to make work flow. When you’re ready to get started, request a demo of FOUNT.