Improve Call Center effectiveness and retention.

We help you identify the root causes of why call center agents leave and provide actionable insights to increase retention, boost efficiency, and save costs.

Step 1: Get started quickly

The FOUNT Platform offers a selection of ready-made, validated surveys that depict everyday working life in a job-specific way. Short surveys to a small target group are used to determine where friction arises.

Step 2: Decide Priorities based on facts

We analyze how key moments in your call agents’ workflow impact retention, so that you focus on what exactly matters most to your call center agents to prevent turnover..

Step 3: Equip for action and measure success.

We equip the right people with the right data, so that they know exactly where they need to act to prevent turnover. Owners overseeing tools, policies, and processes (touchpoints) affecting call center agents receive the necessary data to act and gauge outcomes. .