Improve in-store customer experience to drive more sales

FOUNT’s platform measures your retail associates’ workflow in key store activities, at scale, so that you know what to improve in your customer experience and drive more sales.

Step 1: Get started quickly

We give you templated and validated surveys for Retail Sales Associates that measure their day-to-day effectiveness across all store activities. These short surveys target small groups and are used to determine what stands in the way of your Retail Sales Associates.

Step 2: Decide Priorities based on facts

We measure and prioritize what needs to be fixed in which activities, across all your systems and processes. This way, you can focus on what matters most to your Retail Associates productivity and help improve the customer experience.

Step 3: Equip for action and measure success.

We empower the right stakeholders with quantifiable data that measures associates’ interactions with everything in their environment, so that you know exactly where you need to act to boost retail associates productivity and improve customer experience and sales.