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Turn friction-fighting into a habit at your organization.


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    Efficient Insights: FOUNT delivers actionable data with just 50 responses and 2:30 minutes per employee.

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    Precise Targeting: FOUNT pinpoints critical issues affecting productivity and retention, offering factual insights.

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    Tangible Impact: With FOUNT, customers have seen savings between $1M and $13M from improved productivity or reduced attrition.

How it works

Helpful building blocks so you don’t have to start from scratch

Example: Download a pre-existing template to understand the work friction experienced by employees coming back from parental leave.

See how your organization stacks up to peers and competitors

Zoom into the relative performance of different work components such as benefits portal, career framework or expense reimbursement process.

Find out when employees experience work friction and when it matters most to them

FOUNT data makes it clear which activities are most challenging and most important such as finding a new internal role or solving a customer issue.

Pinpoint what’s causing resistance at work

In the context of finding a new internal role, dig into what is creating friction for employees such as managers, the career portal or policies.

Know what problems to solve

Whether simplifying a medical leave policy from 8 pages down to a paragraph or reinventing the layout of the warehouse, you will make an impact with FOUNT.

Remeasure post-improvements

Confirm you are creating a more high-performing environment for your employees. An iterative approach to problem-solving involves employees who contribute resolutions that meet their needs.

Work friction can become part of your broader data ecosystem. Whether you’re working with the most popular survey tools or a custom enterprise system, FOUNT data delivers clarity, action and impact.

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