Employee Experience (EX) Intelligence Quarterly

Data and insights gleaned from 2.5 million employee experience ratings as measured by FOUNT’s SaaS solution with the consulting expertise of TI People.

Employee Experience Intelligence Quarterly, EX Trends

We are happy to share the Employee Experience (EX) Intelligence Quarterly Q2/22. Based on 2.5 million experience ratings for 39 moments and touchpoints across the employee lifecycle, TI People and FOUNT bring experience insights to the EX community.

In this latest edition for Q2 2022, we show the overall satisfaction of employees with their experience of work. We also show a key opportunity to invest into Employee Experience: ‘Have a life event’ is the moment with the highest impact on overall work experience and hence engagement. Its impact has strongly risen in the past 12 months.

To improve the experience when having life events, physical touchpoints are a key lever: (HR) Support Processes, Company Communication, Employee Benefits and Company Policies all provide below-average experience.

In our spotlight of the quarter, we take a deeper look at frontline manager experience. Using a customer case study, we show that hiring and onboarding new team members matters the most to frontline managers, but 29% of them are not satisfied with their experience of organizational support to hire & onboard new employees.

When asking their team members, frontline managers provide low experience especially when discussing/negotiating compensation, pursuing a new job/role or promotion, and setting/resetting goals.

You can request the full PDF version of the research on the TI People website.