What HR gets wrong when it comes to using EX data

Beefing up an EX strategy requires first understanding what the experience is—and where the problems are. For that, you need to capture very specific employee feedback in the context of their day-to-day work experience and environment.

In a summary of findings from the State of EX 2022, FOUNT cofounder and CEO, Christophe Martel describes how organizations can address the operational cost of attrition by collecting the right kind of data. The Human Resource Executive article, What HR gets wrong when it comes to using EX data, includes advice about delivering a frictionless work environment for employees by focusing on small projects.

HR leaders, Martel says, are used to creating “big, broad business cases” for transformation initiatives that will touch all employees—but, when it comes to EX, they need to close the aperture a bit to be able to demonstrate true business impact.

He advises HR teams to focus tailored EX work on one particular talent segment, business unit or geographical area and, from there, scale to other areas.

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