Redesigning EX for 2023? Put purpose at the center of your plan

Employers would be keen to note, experts say, that efforts to strengthen EX must go more than skin deep; perks can only get the company so far, as today’s employees are looking for an experience rooted in purpose.

Christophe Martel expects to see even more investment in EX redesign as the world of work continues to transform.

“While EX improvement can’t happen overnight, the environment may be ripe for it. According to recent research from FOUNT, a provider of an EX management platform, 94% of respondents agree that EX work is a long-term commitment at their organization; more than 60% have an EX strategy for at least the next six months. No long-term strategy is possible without leader buy-in and about 40% say senior leaders view EX improvement as equal to other business priorities.”

Christophe Martel, Co-founder and CEO of FOUNT

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