Raising The Benefits Bar

In today’s competitive landscape, companies are rethinking employee perks and healthcare add-ons to attract and retain talent.

Dale Buss, a long-time contributor of Chief Executive, Corporate Board Member, a leading media for CEOs and senior executives who run large and mid-sized enterprises that aims to grow, build and strengthen their society, writes about the complexities and emerging trends in corporate benefits, advocating for a proactive and innovative approach to bolstering employee well-being and engagement.

In the article, Christophe Martel, CEO of FOUNT Global underscores the critical need for effective communication and accessibility of benefits to enhance employee satisfaction and productivity.

“In many organizations, the corporate center has designed and made available all sorts of benefits, but most employees don’t know these things exist or how to access them easily. Typically, the front line is most unaware. It’s not just about communications but about having tools and processes and an environment where this is easy to do.”

Christophe’s observations highlight a critical aspect of work friction—the disconnect between what companies offer and what employees know or use. This gap can lead to dissatisfaction, underutilization of resources, and a sense of not being valued, all of which contribute to work friction.

Effective communication and making it easier for employees to access and understand their benefits can significantly reduce this friction. The article ends by talking about fostering an environment where benefits are clearly communicated and easily accessible, companies can enhance employee satisfaction, reduce turnover, and create a more engaged and productive workforce.

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