PODCAST: Employee Experiences: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

The employee experience (EX), it’s a hot topic in today’s business world, but what exactly is it? And how do companies go about improving it?

On this episode of Paychex PULSE, an HR Podcast, CEO and Founder of FOUNT, Christophe Martel, talks about just that. Hear what he told host Rob Parsons about the definition of employee experience vs. employee experiences, how to take a more personalized approach, designing work for the needs of your staff, and much, much more.


00:19 – Introduction to Christophe Martel

00:48 – What does employee experiences (EX) mean?

04:01 – The Big, Bad State of EX research report

07:05 – How to get a more personalized approach

07:59 – Humancentricity capability

09:42 – The importance of dispersal

12:39 – The ability to measure experiences

14:10 – Designing work for the needs of the employee

16:24 – Experience as a philosophy

18:39 – Transparency of opportunity

19:48 – Upping your game to fit your employees

20:54 – Diversity and inclusion is in the eyes of employees

22:31 – Wrap up

Listen to the podcast or read the full transcript below.