CASE STUDY: “Quick Quits” at Alpha Healthcare

Alpha Healthcare (pseudonym for Fortune100 Health Insurance Company) had an early turnover problem in its 8,000-employee service center organization, with a 6-month attrition rate over 30%.

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    Key Findings from “Quick Quits” at Alpha Healthcare Case Study

    The “Quick Quits” at Alpha Healthcare Case Study explores how Alpha and FOUNT collaborated to pinpoint and address the specific moments causing employee dissatisfaction and departure. Through FOUNT’s Saas product , they identified key areas of friction, particularly around career progression conversations and handling complex customer issues.

    Top priorities

    1. Identifying Moments of Friction
    2. Improving Career Conversations
    3. Resolving Complex Customer Issues
    4. Monitoring and Adjusting Strategies

    Top challenges

    1. High Early Turnover Rates
    2. Complex and Emotionally Charged Work
    3. Ineffective Traditional Interventions
    4. Access to Support and Resources

    Alpha Healthcare’s journey is a testament to the impact of strategic, data-driven interventions in tackling employee turnover. The success of their initiatives not only improved their attrition rates but also paved the way for a broader application of friction management across the organization.


    The “Quick Quits at Alpha Healthcare” study aimed to tackle the high turnover rates among call center agents at a Fortune 100 health insurance company, referred to here as Alpha Healthcare. Facing a 30% attrition rate within six months, the company partnered with FOUNT, a work friction management platform, to identify and address the underlying causes of employee dissatisfaction. The research focused on analyzing employee experiences to pinpoint specific moments of work friction, employing surveys among 400 call center employees to identify key areas such as career development and handling complex customer issues.

    To learn more about the topic of work friction, read our white paper and recent research that exposes a massive gap between employee and employer expectations about what it takes to make workflow. When you’re ready to get started, request a demo of FOUNT.