2021 State of EX – Research by TI People and Insight222

The research represented in this report focuses on how leaders in global companies measure employee experience. And, when they do, whether it delivers improved business value. Furthermore, our research aims to understand if organizations are placing more importance on employee experience as a result of the global pandemic with the topics of mental wellness, diversity, equality and inclusion and hybrid workplaces occupying the collective minds of the C-Suite.

A New Value Chain for Employee Experience

How do you demonstrate the business value of Employee Experience? New research at TI People, undertaken in partnership with Insight222 finds that 41% of the total business impact of EX is delivered when experiences for customer facing teams improve. Read the study to learn:

  1. How to demonstrate the business value of EX using The Employee Experience Value Chain
  2. The elements of EX that people analytics and EX leaders find most difficult to measure and which elements are crucial for proving the business impact of EX
  3. How People Analytics and EX teams can work together to better understand employee experience

Download the full study on the TI People website.