Workplace Friction: Building better productivity by reducing on-the-job conflicts

As the year concludes, unravel the impact of “collaborative challenges” between employees and their employers when it comes to workplace productivity.

John Hollon of TLNT, a publication that aims to build the workforces of tomorrow, writes about this growing issue casting a shadow over organizations striving for efficiency and better employee experiences.

In the article, FOUNT’s cofounder and CEO highlights key findings from the company’s 2023 Work Friction research.

“While most leaders believe they are well-informed about the work friction their employees experience, this research clearly indicates a stark divide.”

Christophe Martel, co-founder and CEO of FOUNT

He adds:

“Despite record investment in learning and development, staffing, and technology to make work better, employee quit rates have more than doubled in the last decade…”

FOUNT’s Workplace Friction survey highlight that these challenges contribute to absenteeism and attrition, with 95% of employees feeling negatively about their jobs, and 37% feel so bad they want to quit or take days off. Approximately 68% of employees believe collaborative challenges hamper personal productivity and customer service quality.

The article ends by talking about a new way of thinking. Instead of a workplace where everyone competes, the focus is on making work itself run smoother in order to get the best out of people.

To read the full article, visit the TLNT website. To download a copy of the key findings, please fill out the form below.


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