Work friction is getting worse, say employees

work friction is getting worse for a frustrated woman sitting behind a desk

Human Resources Director Canada, a publication that focuses on the real issues and challenges facing the HR professional, writes about FOUNT’s latest research. The article summarizes the fact that employees and managers have different ideas about this issue – and it’s costing money.

“While most leaders believe they are well-informed about the work friction their employees experience, this research clearly indicates a stark divide,” said Christophe Martel, co-founder and CEO of FOUNT, an SaaS provider that conducted the research.

Other key findings include the worsening impact work friction has on absenteeism and attrition and employee well-being. A staggering 95% reporting its negative impact. More concerning, 37% of employees have admitted that work friction makes them feel so bad that they want to take days off or even quit their jobs.

To read the full article, visit the HRD website. To download a copy of the key findings, please fill out the form below.

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