What Can Companies Do to Improve Employee Engagement?

Research has repeatedly shown that happy employees are productive employees. Our CEO contributes the following excerpt to the article, What Can Companies Do to Improve Employee Engagement?

Positive Employee Experience Requires a Human Touch 

According to Christophe Martel, CEO of Washington DC-based FOUNT, fixing the broken workplace requires a shift in perspective. Today, companies offer ergonomic desks and chairs, but not ergonomic work. This is not surprising given that work was never really designed around humans and their needs. Rather, it was designed around the organization and its needs.

Employee experience is born out of interactions between people and their environment, Martel said. Marketing and services teams understand this concept and have built better customer experiences that continue to improve over time. But this hasn’t yet been transposed to the workforce in many organizations because people misunderstand the nature of human experience at work.

“Without the right tools to reflect individuals’ interactions at work, company leaders can’t understand the highs, lows and various points of friction where they can make a measurable impact. They keep trying to help but fail to be helpful.”

Christophe Martel, Co-founder and CEO of FOUNT

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