Jill Forbes Receives 2023 Moxie Award

We’re ecstatic to share that Jill Forbes, FOUNT’s Head of Customer Success (US) has been recognized as a Built In 2023 Moxie Award winner!

More than 800 nominations were submitted for Built In’s 2023 Moxie Awards and our very own Jill Forbes is among the top 100 winners. We’re so proud! According to Built In, a woman in tech shows Moxie when they:

  • Work with outsized dedication, commitment or passion.
  • Exhibit exemplary expertise to drive forward their team and company.
  • Uplift or mentor other women to rise them up.
  • Overcome challenges with a solutions-first mindset, inspiring others to do the same.

Given that criteria, it’s not an overstatement to say that Jill exemplifies Moxie nearly every moment of the day. She goes above and beyond for customers, teammates, her family and community. Above all, her positivity and energy are contagious.

One of Jill’s “Moxiest” skills is the ability to seamlessly zoom in or out depending on what the situation calls for. For example, she has a knack for making an individual customer feel like the most important person the world. “Our customers LOVE Jill,” according to Anne Eidelman, Chief Experience Officer at FOUNT.

Jill is skilled at connecting themes across all of FOUNT’s customers and understanding customer requirements in a way that anticipates their needs. That makes her input invaluable to the success and adoption of FOUNT’s SaaS solution.

In 2022 alone, Jill produced 17 readout decks and oversaw more than 70k data points collected​ by her U.S. customers. Needless to say, customers are happy with the results and are energized working with Jill and her team.

As a working mom, Jill also understands the unique challenges women face in the workplace. She is very generous in sharing her own experiences and does a great job being intentional about how she shows this to others.

She actively engages with a number of organizations specifically designed to empower women in tech and business including Women in the Boardroom, The Female Quotient and The Female Lead which celebrates women’s achievement, endeavor and diversity.

Being an exceptional Customer Success leader takes great empathy. Jill doesn’t turn it on or off depending on the situation or audience. Her deep desire to improve the lives of people is constant. Anyone working or engaging with customer-facing teams understands it can sometimes be a thankless job. Through it all, Jill exudes Moxie in a way that benefits everyone around her. And we are all better for it.

Congratulations, Jill!