DGFP // HR Data Summit 2023

Thank you for joining us at the DGFP // HR Data Summit 2023 on November 28, 2023.

Cover of FOUNT Key Findings fron the 2023 Work Friction survey

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Highlights include:

  • Work friction is a likely contributor to absenteeism and attrition
  • Work friction is perceived to stifle personal productivity and quality customer service
  • Work friction overwhelmingly occurs in employee experiences owned by business leaders

According to DGFP, HR controlling is no longer just about reporting key figures using Excel spreadsheets at a fixed point in time; rather, it is about analyzing a wide range of HR issues. Sophisticated analytical models, comprehensive data platforms and intuitive dashboards allow HR, management and executives to draw the right conclusions. Controlling, analytics and planning are increasingly merging, both in organizational and technical terms.

As you learned at the summit, there is no shortage of HR data today. In fact, most HR teams are inundated with data about people, engagement, performance, systems and operations. Work friction data is different. It pinpoints the source of what slows individuals down as they go about their day-to-day work and shows you what to fix to avoid wasted time and effort.

According to Gartner, employees waste two hours per day trying to work around work friction. These everyday obstacles are costly and preventable.

“Unmanaged friction costs €158 million per 10k employees, through attrition, burnout, and wasted productivity. Work culture, values, policies and legislation vary across Europe which means causes of friction also vary. FOUNT is unique in its ability to help large organizations solve for these differences at all levels.”

Volker Jacobs, Cofounder of FOUNT Global, Inc.

Work friction data from FOUNT helps identify when employees experience friction and show HR, IT and business leaders what to fix in the work environment to get work flowing.

Learn more about work friction in this whitepaper or by booking a demo of FOUNT.