Flourishing at Work: A Conversation with Christophe Martel

Flourishing at Work, a newly formed interest group under Harvard’s Flourishing Network umbrella, brings together professionals who share a common interest in supporting organizations that value the well-being of their employees. By incorporating evidence-based practices, research, and interventions, this community aims to highlight the significance of fostering flourishing at work as a critical factor for business success.

Please join Christophe in an engaging conversation about how frictionless employee experiences relate to flourishing at work. Prioritizing flourishing at work can enhance employee productivity, innovation, and performance while fostering a culture of well-being and fulfillment.


We hope to see you on June 29th at 10am EDT / 2pm GMT.

Please use the following Zoom link to grab your seat and share your voice. 

We also encourage you to join the LinkedIn group, FLOURISHING AT WORK, to keep the conversations going. Focusing on the WORK pathway of flourishing and acknowledging that flourishing is a critical business imperative, this group connects over a shared interest in supporting organizations that strive to help their people and social ecosystems.