Business Transformation Exchange in Miami, October 24-25

The FOUNT team will be dusting off their white blazers and sunglasses in preparation for next week’s Business Transformation Exchange in Miami. Unlike vice cops Sonny Crockett and Rico Tubbs, Ian and Christophe won’t be working undercover. Instead, they will be introducing senior business leaders to innovative ways to uncover work friction at their organizations.

Work friction is perceived as energy an employee shouldn’t have to spend to do their work. Even with the best intentions to make work easy for employees, large organizations may inadvertently contribute more work friction to the environment. Outdated processes, faulty tools and misaligned workflows slow people down. These things are invisible to senior leaders but experienced in moments as individuals go about their day-to-day work (e.g. solving a customer issue, setting goals, pursuing a new internal role).

Gartner estimates that employees spend nearly 2 hours a day hacking work to get around work friction. That’s a lot of wasted time and effort. When the work environment makes it difficult to complete everyday work things, employees get frustrated, disengage and eventually burn out. This enormous productivity loss is preventable.

Done well, business transformation leads to more efficient ways of working and a more productive workforce. Even though business transformation projects are typically large scale, real transformation can begin with a small project focused on the most important things your employees care about and want you to fix. Before you consider embarking on a transformational project, book a demo to learn how friction management can get work flowing at your organization.

The Business Transformation Exchange is an invite-only event features speakers from Centene, US Bank and Manulife. The program will cover a range of topics including how to:

  • Put effective strategy and structure in place before delving into large transformation projects
  • Demonstrate ROI to gain C-suite support and buy-in
  • Manage people within the company, and adopt a change culture throughout the whole business
  • Balance technology options and maximize their potential in the digital transformation age, including discussions on Generative AI
Two dogs dressed like crockett and tubbs from miami vice