Tips for buying new HR technology

Volker Jacobs contributes the following advice to this roundup by HR Tech Insiders.

Get the Digital HR Experience Right

New HR technology enables new, digital HR services with a better experience for managers and employees – and that reduces attrition and drives productivity. 

To actually deliver the full business impact of new HR tech, companies must do three things that they currently under leverage: First, experience is much more than tech – companies need to understand the impact of digital touchpoints vs. human and physical touchpoints to know how much the new tech can actually do to improve experience.

Second, companies must precisely know and invest in those technology experiences that matter the most to the employees and managers (and not to the team that implements the new technology). Third, companies should focus more on those digital experiences that help employees and managers in their day-to-day work – because they are having the highest impact on people’s productivity and intent to stay.

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