PODCAST: Rethinking the Employee Experience with Christophe Martel

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Have you ever been in a situation where you liked your job in principle, but the conditions within your organization made doing your job difficult, or maybe even soul-crushing? If you can relate to that, you know what a bad employee experience feels like.

Christophe is the co-founder and CEO of FOUNT which is focused on improving the employee experience by taming the jungle of redundant policies, processes, functions, and workflows that, frankly, just suck the joy out of work and life while creating waste for organizations. 

In this episode Christophe and Ezequiel Williams discuss the difference between employee engagement and employee experience, the Great Resignation and the shifting expectations about the experience of work, leadership and the challenges of HR leaders, bringing intentionality to designing the employee experience, the benefits of a better employee experience for an organization, and the importance of combining data with great storytelling. 

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